And Now Here's Us

Last Wednesday, the LHS batch 2000 had the Second Part of our 10th year anniversary at Metrowalk. It's just a simple Dinner actually. And lots and lots of kwentos and piktyurs!

It was fun. Loads of fun!

To think that our friendship could be traced waaaayy back in the 90's. It has been almost 15 yrs. 15 yrs worth of friendship.

We used to be little kids then. Our definition of lakwatsa is going to SM Centerpoint (walking from EARIST to SM if I may mention). Going to each other's place to have endless kwentos. It was simple, silly most of the time. We had our own little misunderstandings and as a kid I guess it's normal.

But look at us now. Some are already parents. Some are still single. Some are engaged. Most are professionals. Everyone's happy. :-)

I love the fact that eventhough we see each other atleast twice a year, nothing changed. :-) We're still those silly kids who'd do anything to fit ourselves in a picture. :-) We'd still tease each other. Laugh at each other. Talk like we haven't got separated at all.

They say that your bestfriends are your high school friends and I agree.

Till next time guys. :-)


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