It’s March! The SUN is blazing like a fireball up there causing everyone below to heat up.
It’s summer! And living in a tropical country like the Philippines makes SUMMER heat triple.
So it’s time for us to put on our sunglasses, smudge as much as sun block as possible, pull out those bikinis and cover ups from the back of our closets, and head to the best summer getaway.
And guess where we spend our first summer trip?
Oh well, non other than on the famous white sands of BORACAY!

Yeah! You heard it right. We hop on the plane that brought us to Kalibo Island, ride a van to Caticlan Ferry Terminal and Ride a jetty boat to the World Famous BARACAY ISLAND.blog1 The famous WHITE SANDs of BORACAY!
blog2Me enjoying the sun, the beach and the view.blog3At Mt. Luho Viewpoint overlooking the whole Boracay while enjoying the sunset.
It has been “The Vacation” that I was dreaming of. It is indeed a dream come true. It is the closest I’ve been to Paradise.
Remember my New Year’s resolution? To travel and explore as much of the Philippines as I could? Well, this is it! I hope to visit other places as well. But so far, Boracay is the best place I’ve ever been.
I’m still in cloud 9 as I was typing this blog entry. But I promise to provide details about my trip to you guys. And I promise to post more pictures. But right now, those three are taken on my first day at the island. The white sand and the famous Boracay sunset. If they are so beautiful in photos, imagine how gorgeous they are up close and personal?
Anyway, I hope you’d visit the place as well. It is all worth it! :-)
Yummy details of the trip on my next blogs. Wait for them :-)


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