..That's the ESPRIT!..

I am not pretty. Of that I am sure. Though I won’t
accept it if you call me ugly. Coz I know I am not. Let’s just say. I am
human. And I look like one.

Lately, I have been receiving comments that I am getting
w-i-d-e-r! hehehe… So basically, my self esteem is at the Warning Level! And I agree that
I am getting fat. My clothes don’t fit me anymore. I am usually size
small or extra small because I’m petite though a bit chubby
J. But now
I think medium sized tees would fit me better OR large ones for that matter. So
I am about to a member of the Obese Peeps…

And then… I got these…

A gift…

A symbol that I am still beautiful… heheheheh…


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