..bottled teardrops for sale..

Have you ever felt like??!! Hmmm…oh well…someone or something is just making you so happy you wanna puke??!! Am not kidding! OK! OK! Not really puke or whatever..but something close..like butterflies on your stomachs or kilig or just plain happiness…oh well! whatever! because I do! Honestly! Coz just like minutes ago…I felt like a total loser! My head is aching like hell…I need to finish this REPORT again before the day ends (that’s literally before the day ends as I have to finish it before 12AM!)…and I think I do have Ah1n1 as our building is going crazy about this contingency whatever deploying hand sanitizers everywhere only to find out one of the building tenants is already diagnosed positive with the flu and one of my colleague here is actually on 3 day quarantine because of possible ah1n1 infection…so I was like “whaoah!” I have fever right now!!!! Heller!! I think I better see my doctor…so anyway, going back…I am right here in front of my laptop trying to finish the report and thinking how short my life would be if ever I am ah1n1 positive…come to think of it…am not even in good terms with my mom!!! So oh well…I received an email….and well…now I am happy! What’s the email all about??!! Aha! That I wont tell! @_@

It’s enough that it makes me so happy………….Huh! Talk about balance!!!


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