no farewells..just hello to the new things that's coming our way!

hahaha..eventhough some didn't approve of that group name..i dont care! for me..we'll always be the "9 kulap"! what dat! ^_^
it was a friday the 13th..
when the bad news came out..
only 13 of us will make it..
no more..
and definitely no less..
i dont know..that day, i have other things in mind..i haven't got a decent sleep..i haven't eaten a so so tired..i am very depressed and i am very hurt..i am crying the whole night..and bes and allen is there to listen to me..
and then the SMEs told us that! i was thinking...
"why now? i've already got so much on my plate! why now!?? dammit!"
for the past months i have experienced ALOT! and this wave..this has been my source of source of happiness..this guys are the reasons why i am still standing up and facing the reality of life..
i lost 2 of my bestfriends in march..but i gained 24 other friends- my wavemates..and they are more than enough!
i lost my girlfriend on the same month..but now i got my bhebs with me..
i lost my grandma..more than a month ago..and this wave..they help me cope up..they cried when i cried..they made me smile..they made me laugh..they made me feel loved and important..
i had a family problem..and the kulap is there to hug me...
i am having alot of issues with my current relationship..and this guys are always there to give make me feel ok..
how can you not love the guys whose there when you need them most? i am having a downpour of problems and trials and they are with me..they never left me..they never left my side..
they say you can't make friends with such a very short time..
more than 2 months? is that enough to say you have found your true friends? with this is possible..i can tell the whole world that i have found the best set of friends i could ever have..
guys, you know how much i love you all..i would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of help me made it through the know what? you may not realize it..but you guys are one of the reasons why i am willing to continue living..
to the 12..i will miss you..i am not the type of person who show her emotions..i tried very hard not to cry in front of you guys not becoz i dont care but bcoz i care too much..i love you and i care for you and i dont want you to feel we'd lose each other..
this aint a farewell..
our friendship will remain..
we'll be together still..
sa inuman..
sa carafe!
to us 13..we'll do it! we'll prove to them that wave9c is the best wave and removing the other 12 is the biggest mistake they have ever done..
our wave will always be the best..
kudos to WAVE 9c! kudos to each and every one of us!
inuman na to! carafe ulet!


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