The Leo Langford and Sally Zaballa Love Story


I have watched this very sweet love story of Leo and Sally who got married last November 2006 after 53 years of waiting for their soulmate....

Leo is a foreigner (i guess, an american) and Sally is a Filipina and they met during the WW3 and fell inlove with each other. But on 1953, Leo left the country and Sally.

Sally became succesful and had a couple of marriage proposals but never got married. While Leo had a family but his wife died on 1996.

Leo's son/nephew (am not sure!) married a filipina and he mentioned to this girl that he had a filipina girlfriend. So this girl searched for sally through the internet and found her! (cheers for our technology!) Leo called her up and from then on pursue her love for Sally. And one day, Leo went back to the philippines and asked Sally to marry him...

and now, after 53 years...they are happily married!


isn't this the sweetest love story of all time??? i am a believer of destiny and this story made me believe of destiny even more...i even cried when i watched this cause i know, deep within me that true love never dies..and that one day, no matter how long we wait..we would find our true love..


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