"Never leave that till tomorrow which
you can do today"

why do we put things off?

it has a lot to do with fear.

fear of failure...fear of pain...fear of

sometimes, the fear is just making a
decision. because what if you're wrong?
what if you're making a mistake you
can't undo?

whatever it is we're afraid of, one
thing holds true...that by the time the
pain of not doing a thing gets worse
than the fear doing it.

he who hesitates is lost.

we can't pretend we haven't been told.
sometimes we have to see for ourselves.
we have to make our own mistakes. we
have to learn our own lessons. we have
to sweep today's possibility under
tomorrow's rug until we can't anymore,
until we finally understand for
ourselves that knowing is better than
wondering. that waking is better than
sleeping. & that even the biggest
failure, even the worst intractable
mistake beats the hell out of never trying.

--Grey's Anatomy 1-6


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