Review: The Princess Switch (Netflix 2018)

Of course, since it's Christmas season already, given na ang mga Netflix originals na may theme na royals, snow and everything romantic. So when I saw The Princess Switch on my Netflix line up, I watched it agad agad. Sensya na! I'm a hopeless romantic and I really love these kinds of movies coz it relaxes me.

Here are my thoughts about this movie and why I think you should also watch it if you just want a feel-good super light movie.

1. Of course, the storyline is far far from truth. I mean two girls who grew up from the different side of the world actually look soooo much alike that even the bestfriend and the fiance didn't even see the difference when they switched. Ang saya pa because unlike the common Filipino teleseryes, di po sila kambal na pinaghiwalay ng tadhana. Hahaha! Wala lang magkamukha lang sila. Wag na kayo mag react. Accept that fact nalang. Okay din naman.

2. The leading men are both charming. Kinilig ako kasi ang pogi nila!!!

3. Vanessa Hudgens is so pretty. Ang sarap maging prinsesa.

4. Winter wonderland, Christmas and a far far castle. Can it get better than that?

5. It's just a feel good movie. Nakakakilig the guys. Of course may wedding scene and in the end nagkatuluyan sila (as usual). Yehey!!

It's a nice movie lang. Watch it with friends and family on a relaxing night tapos cuddle lang. Ayun lang.

Have you watched it already? Nagustuhan nyo din?


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