For The Love Of Earrings

I've always been the statement earrings kind of girl. If you've been reading this blog since forever you'd remember when this used to be a fashion blog. Grabe parang ang tagal na nun!

If you still remember, I'd always go for huge earrings. Feeling ko noon, pak na earrings lang plus red lipstick and high bun, keri boom na ko!

And then the #FabSkye happened and I threw away all my statement earrings because you just can't wear one when you have a baby who pulls everything. I tried before pero muntik ng mapunit ang tenga ko!

But now that the #FabSkye is almost 4 and already understands that my earrings are not toys or teethers, balak ko na sanang magbalik loob.

ShopFlora-ReigningStill (2)

See that beautiful tassel earrings? I got that from my friend Steph's online shop - Flora.

Steph is an officemate (seatmate actually) and I would always gush about her beautiful, out of this world earrings. Ang gaganda talaga besh!! Usually pa terno with her top. I learned that she and her sister loves to make accessories and most of the ones she's wearing is hand-made.

I would always beg her to create one for me and I guess her other friends would always say the same thing so she and her sister decided to open an IG shop for their creations. Hence @shopfloraph on IG!

I got the one pictured above and used it on one of my events and I swear, everytime suot ko sya I would always get compliments. Ganda naman talaga diba?

Here are some of their creations..

ShopFlora-ReigningStill (1)

I love the white one! Bagay on anything no?

ShopFlora-ReigningStill (1)

And this one is also love!

I actually have another set na wala dito because I can't take a decent photo of it. All of the items are hand made and the designs are limited.

Just in case you want unique accessories, go visit their shop! Everything is made with love.


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