Review: Hollow City (by Ransom Riggs)


The second novel of the trilogy Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children is as engaging as the first.

This novel tells the adventure of the children while trying to find an ymbryne that could help their dear Miss Alma Peregrine turn into human form once again. Miss Peregrine turned into a bird when she was captured by the wights on the first book.

It is so much engaging and fun. I swear I can’t put it down. I’m reading at the wee hours in the morning even when I have work the following day. That’s how much I love it.

As usual, like the first book, this novel is full of peculiar photos. That really makes me wonder if the world of peculiardom is real. Just like how I felt when reading Harry Potter. Heheheh!

Aside from the great way the author wrote the children’s adventure, I am more drawn into the love story of Emma and Jacob. Teenage loooove! Aaaww…

You know the kind of love that defies reasons? That’s exactly how a teenage love is. And Emma and Jacob encapsulates that love perfectly.

It feels really good to read a love story in between the adventure. Just a perfect palette cleanser.

I guess this is my favorite out of the three. Probably because an adventure with friends is never boring.

** Image grabbed from google. This is the official cover of the book.


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