Review: Star Wars, The Force Awakens

Okay bago tumaas ang kilay ng mga friends ko dyan, I didn't pay for this movie. So I watched it. I am not a Star Wars fan. I do not even understand the Star Wars world. I know some Star Wars term and I am familiar with some names but that's basically it. But because I got invited by Zomato for a blocked screening of Star Wars, I went ahead and watched it with the ReigningTatay.

So what you'll read is a review of the movie from a non Star Wars fanatic...

Honestly, I loved it. And I loved the fact that I was able to follow the story line even if I didn't watch a single Star Wars movie. They made sure that the basic storyline was injected on the movie for the new generation of Star Wars fandom.

After this film, I really got intrigued to watch the previous movies. Ganun ko sya na-appreciate. I even googled Star Wars and did my research. Nakakatuwa because it's like Harry Potter. They have their own world and you just can't help but get involved.

Star Wars fan or not, I highly recommend this film. Great actions, great story line, great actors and wonderful overall execution. Just brilliant.


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