#Shopaholic: Comfy Florals

aeropostale-p-s-reigningstill (1)

I got myself a new pair of kicks. A Floral VANS sneakers for this new mum.

I know that I used to be the heels kind of girl. And the sexy, strappy sandals kind. But I can’t wear heels while trotting around the mall with my baby. And very soon she’ll be a toddler. I don’t think I’ll ever run around in heels and live to tell the tale.

I used to hate sneakers. I find them uncomfy and restrictive. But now, I learned to appreciate them. The fact that I won’t worry about it leaving my feet while I run. Or the fact that it’s not slippery at all. Great grip them Vans. Great grip.

And I also learned to dress them up. That’s why I opted for this floral print. So chic. But easy to pair with. Look at how I wore it at the Aeropostale event last November.

aeropostale-p-s-reigningstill (3)

Simple, comfy and perfect for mummy!


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