Review: Mr. Choi Kitchen

Dining out and trying fancy restos are kinda difficult these days. First, we don’t have the luxury of moving outside our comfort zone with a baby always in tow. So ang malling namin ay either Robinson’s Ermita or SM Manila. Second, would have to be budget. So yeah! I am really a mummy now. Coz I am very keen on checking out price tags. Third, the ReigningTatay is a good chef (alright, not really chef but he knows how to cook really well). So most of the time, if I am craving for something, I’d just request that he cooks for me. Mas mura na, mas masarap pa!

So on one of the rare moments we got to dine out, we pay Mr. Choi Kitchen a visit.

We’re all craving for some Chinese but Binondo is out of bounds. We have the baby with us and the stroller with no car, so yeah! Cannot be ang Binondo.

Crab and Corn Soup

A bowl of hot soup is a must for this breastfeeding mum. So I opted for the never fail Crab & Corn Soup. Aminin nyo! Madalas masarap yan. :) I like the rich thick soup with crab meat and egg and corn. It is perfect to warm up the tummies.


If there’s Hakaw on the menu, we just have to get it. I’ve been trying the Hakaw of different Chinese restaurants but nothing really comes close to Wai Ying’s. Ewan ko. May drugs ata yung Hakaw nila dun. Sooooobrang nakaka-adik eh. Although Mr. Choi’s Hakaw is also yummy. Probably if I haven’t tried Wai Ying, I’d find this one super good.


Another Chinese food staple is Siomai. Halata bang pamilya kami ng adik sa dumplings? Again, Wai Ying’s siomai is to die for kaya medyo okay lang for us ang version ni Mr. Choi. But definitely this one is tasty enough.

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Mr. Choi’s Yang Chow is actually very good. I super hate it when Yang Chows are very oily. Bigat sa tyan eh. Nakakaumay. But Mr. Choi’s version is just right. It is perfectly cook with buhaghag na rice. I love it.

I totally forgot what this one is. Sorry! But I remember that this one is another hit on the table. We all loved it. Perfect with the Yang Chow fried rice. It is a bit sweet which makes it perfect. And not too oily as well.

Shrimp in Oats

I’m not sure if that’s what you call it okay but that one is another hit. I remember ordering that on that Chinese restaurant just in front of Robinson’s Ermita (which is now closed) and I loved it. But when I tried ordering it on other restaurants, laging fail. Hindi masarap. The batter is just too bland and the oats are bleh! But when I tasted Mr. Choi’s version, naku! Napa-smile ako. In my head I was like…

Eto yun eh! Eto yung lasang hinahanap ko!

Mr. Choi nailed it! There’s a hint of sweetness and the oats are perfect. Hindi yung lasang hilaw na hilaw. And the shrimps are perfectly cooked and the batter not too oily. Ang sarap!

Over all, we loved our experience and I am sure that we’ll go back. :)


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