Lunch Date with the Girls @ Ye Dang

A couple of weeks back, Joie treated us for lunch at Ye Dang Korean Restaurant (Meralco Ave., Ortigas). It was supposed to be a Saturday bonding but our ever busy bestfriend, Erlie, is busy on that day so we (all of us minus Erlie) had a 2 day bonding instead. Saturday was eyeliner hunting day and Sunday, our lunch date (para kumpleto). I’ll tell you more about our eyeliner hunting day on a separate post okay?!

When Joie suggested Ye Dang on our group viber chat, I got excited. I’ve been to a couple of Korean resto but I honestly wanna try it with these girls.

You see, I am not a foodie. Yes, I love to eat but I am not that knowledgeable on food. I always end up ordering the “safe” dishes. Yung mga kaya kong i-spell at kaya kong i-pronounce. But these girls are the experts. Everytime we dine out, lagi akong nangongopya ng order nila or I allow them to order for me. It’s fun to go on a gastronomic adventure with friends who honestly know how. Visit my best friends blog -, to know what I’m talking about.

For this specific lunch date, we allow our resident K-pop friend, Erlie, to order for us.


So since she was the one who ordered, don’t ask me the name of the dishes okay?! Hahahaha! Actually, since hindi nga namin alam anong tawag dun sa mga food we ended up giving them nicknames. So we had torta, maling, dilis, tokwa at betamax/dinuguan. Na-shock nga si Erlie. Hindi daw sya aware na Filipino restaurant pala ang napuntahan namin. Bwahahahaha!

On a more serious note, I actually had fun in Ye Dang. All of the appetizers are good. Actually, dito lang ako nasarapan sa kimchi. I’m not a big fun kimchi you see. Lahat ng na-try ko, I don’t like. But Ye Dang’s kimchi is actually delicious. I also liked the maling (basta parang maling sya) and the rice cake ata (basta lasang bilo-bilo). Though this is the first Korean resto I’ve been to that doesn’t offer unlimited appetizers. You just pick 2 appetizer that they’ll refill only once. Tapos yun na yun. Sad. Sarap pa naman nung maling talaga. Hahahaha!

Erlie ordered 3 different soup. The one that stands out for me is the dinuguan/betamax. It’s actually pig blood. It’s yummy. Not too spicy. Perfect to warm up the tummy. We also had grilled chicken, pork and beef. All of them are tasty.

I honestly loved everything on our table. And the staff are all nice. Pawisin kasi ang ReigningPrincess so I asked na itutok ang e-fan sa bagets. And they are very attentive. They even helped on the grilling.


Aside from the perfect food, we all had fun making chicka. Unli chismisan actually. Unli tawanan. I love spending time with these girls, and our plus ones. Well ako plus 2 na! Okay lang kasi wala pang plus one si Erlie eh. Hehehe…

IMG_0480Dress and Tights: Designers at Debenhams (hand me down from Tita Issa) | Headband: Baby Company (Tito Paolo’s gift)

Since it’s a lunch date with the Ninangs at a Korean resto, I made sure that the ReigningPrincess is dressed for the occasion. She’s so cute on her dress and tights. The Ninangs and the Ninongs had fun playing with the bungisngis baby.


And the best part? She slept the entire time that we’re eating. Promise! She’s just there sleeping on her stroller while Nanay and Tatay eats and bonds with the Ninangs. She was playing with her Ninangs and Ninongs while waiting for the food but the moment the food arrives, bagsak na sya. Very good baby!

IMG_0481-horzIMG_0499-horz IMG_0505-horzBlack Top: Vintage | Skirt: Divisoria | Flats: Divisoria | Diaper Bag: SM Department Store

And of course, Nanay also dressed up for the occasion. But have you noticed that I am wearing the same set of clothes? Hahahahha! Ang konti na nga lang ng OOTD ulit ulit pa. Ganyan talaga. I can’t wear 3/4 of the clothes in my closet. I only have a handful that actually looked good on me. :(

Oh well. That’s life. I’ll just have to make do on what I have. Ganyan talaga kaming mga fashionista. Kayang kayang maging fashyown kahit 4 lang ang damit. Nyahaha..

Have a great weekend guys!


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