Uber Car Service and Why I Love It

I don't know how to drive. And ever since I had a baby, taking a cab is starting to become more and more inconvenient. Namimili ng pasahero. Super long queues on taxi stands or if its rush hour, almost all cabs are occupied. And of course, safety issues. There so many modus operandi out there involving cab drivers. Kaloka!
So thank heavens Uber is now in the Philippines!
Uber is actually a rent-a-car service. Sabi nga ng tagline nila, they are “everyone’s private driver”. Its actually an international service. It’s already available in 36 countries around the globe.
Using Uber is so easy. All you have to do is download the Uber app on your smart phones, available on both Android and iOS, sign up and you’re good to go! You can request any of the trusted Uber drivers to pick you up anywhere in the metro and they’d be glad to drive you around town. :)
I love the convenience that it brings. I mean, I don’t need to worry if I can hail a cab if I go out with friends on a Friday payday night because just one tap on my Uber app and I’m sure a driver will be on his way to pick me up. Also, all transactions on Uber is done using your credit card. If you are running low on cash (oh my God! Promise it does happen to me twice already) you are very sure that you can still go home. Also, you don’t have to worry if the driver would bring you to a specific location. Hindi kasi sila tumatanggi sa pasahero. Wapakels if the traffic is heavy on your desired destination. You’ll have a trusted Uber driver to drive you.
I love the safety. Because this is an international thing, you are very sure that they pick trusted drivers. Plus Uber can track all the driver’s location. There’s also a feature on the app where you can tell your friends where you are heading and the time they’d expect you. Uber also provides the name of your driver, the picture, the plate number of the car.
I love their cars! The first time I tried it, a Honday City picked me up. Next I had a Toyota and then a Honda again. All are basically brand new cars with very cold ACs, nice seats and mabango. Lakas maka-donya! Hahahaha..
I love their drivers! Very polite. And very helpful. Who don’t like polite drivers diba?
I love that it’s not too expensive! At first I’m so scared that it’ll cost me an arm and a leg to ride an Uber car but it’s not. The first time I tried it, I was charged Php220 from Makati to Paco, Manila. I’d usually pay Php 180 on cabs. Very little difference I tell you. Last weekend, we were charged Php 140 from SM Manila to our place. Well, I’d usually pay Php100. So pwede na talaga diba?! Hindi pa nainitan ang anak ko sa pag-iintay ng taxi. :)
Anyway, if you’re like me who don’t have their own drivers to drive them around, go and download Uber pronto! And because I love you dear readers, you can use promo code: 2234j for a Php 300 Php 200 off on your first ride anytime, anywhere! No joke. Hehehehe…



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