First, the Zamboanga war. Then that dreadful earthquake in Bohol. And now, Yolanda. I think my country has been dealing with a lot of stuff lately and it just breaks my heart every time. But nonetheless, I always feel pride that after everything, we always stand united and stronger than ever.

Today, I decided not to go to work. I woke up to heavy rains this morning. And tuning on the telly helped me decide to skip work and just stay at home and be safe. At around 7AM today, Yolanda made a landfall in Tacloban. ABS-CBN has a live coverage and you could really see how strong the wind was. I can’t forget that footage where after just 30 minutes, the streets of downtown Tacloban got flooded. I’m still getting goose bumps as I type this.

We weren’t able to feel that much wrath here in Manila but it was raining the entire day. And at around 5PM, heavy rains started to pour. Making me thank God I didn’t force myself to go to work. It also helped that my Boss thinks of my (and my baby’s) safety with utmost importance. We have a deadline to make next week, and yet, he didn’t hesitate to tell me that I should just stay home. It’s still raining here in Manila as I type this but I am praying that it won’t be as bad. Let’s just all continue to pray and believe that we have God’s love to embrace us and protect us. And please pray that all of our kababayan’s are safe.

On a lighter note, I think the little peanut enjoyed our staycation today because we just spent the entire afternoon with the Tatay and for the first time, Tatay felt the little peanut’s movement! Yay!

The little peanut is so likot already. Moving almost the entire day and night. But I am not complaining even if those movements are keeping me awake at night. The best part of this pregnancy I guess is feeling those little movements. An assurance that you have a healthy and happy baby inside you. I can’t wait to meet him this March.





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