Review: Wee Nam Kee

I’m currently handling this big project at work. Been dealing with this for months now actually and it’s really kinda challenging. And that’s why I find myself overstaying at work recently.

One Friday evening, my officemates (or those people who stayed late with me at work) decided to have dinner at 8065 Bagnet. But getting a cab in Makati is proving to be one difficult task lately so we found ourselves checking out the restos in Ayala Triangle which is one tumbling away from our office building.

So we found ourselves seated inside Wee Nam Kee. It was my first time there actually. And I find the interiors charming. Those cute lamps are love!!

I allowed the others to decide on which dish to get (as usual) and just waited for the food to arrive. Prinsesa ang peg.

And this is what they’ve ordered…

Honey Crispy Squid (Php 350.00)

Sizzling Hot Plate Tofu (Php 285.00)

Marmite Pork Ribs (Php 270.00)

Wee Name Kee Chicken Rice (Php 40.00)

So how was it? It was actually good. The squid is a hit! Good thing we got 2 orders of those. It was a bit crunchy and bursting with flavor. And it was perfect with the chicken rice. The pork ribs are also great but I find the tofu a bit bland. Didn’t really like it much. Or maybe that’s just not what I expect it to be. Coz it seems like the rest loved it. Smile

We were also served with free soup which makes our dinner even more perfect.

I am not really very adventurous when it comes to food so I guess I should start being one. I find myself frequenting the same place over and over again making me miss great restos like Wee Nam Kee. Must work on that from now on you think?





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