Review: Charlie's Grind and Grill

KrisTV recently featured the restaurants along Kapitolyo, Pasig and one of them is Charlie’s Grind and Grill. Which made me realize that I haven’t blogged about my Charlie’s experience last May.

We dined here after our very tiring Ace Water Spa experience as part of staycation. I first heard of Charlie’s via my office lunch buddies but haven’t tried it until Joie dragged us there that night. Since I am with my food blogger bestfriend and the cupcakes and brownies queen, I was expecting a posh resto. So I found it really weird when I saw Joie and my friends enter this “hole in a wall” restaurant beside the car wash. Though not really dirty, it’s far from being posh. It’s a bit crowded and they had their menu on a blackboard! Hahahaha!

But I guess it won’t be that famous for nothin’. And the fact that it’s crowded (even if it’s already a bit late for dinner by the time we arrived) means that they must have something we should all try.

Bacon Wagyu Cheeseburger
I opted for Bacon Wagyu Cheeseburger. I am not really a foodie so most of the time, specially if I’m with this bunch, I allow them to order for me. Kaso my bestfriend Erlie (who paid for the dinner by the way) said I have to atleast choose my burger. So the moment I saw bacon, cheese and wagyu – I was sold. I was thinking, you could never go wrong with them. Tapos umupo na ko after that and allowed them to order. Makikihingi nalang ako. Hahahahaha!

Anyway, my “safe order” didn’t disappoint. The burger patty is juicy and tender. And the bacon is crispy and goes so well with the tomato and lettuce. Plus the generous amount of cheese made every bite feels like heaven. And I love the bread. The owners said on their KrisTV interview that they make their own bread. Kaya pala! It’s just so perfect for the burger.

Irish Nachos

I’m not sure who ordered Irish Nachos but all I remember was how weird we all felt that we we’re served with fries instead of Nacho chips. I also don’t know what those greeny and black tings are but they are yummy. The tomatoes and onions are all love. They went well with the fries.

They also ordered french fries. Kala nga kasi nila nachos yung isa nilang ni-order. Hahahaha! I don’t why I didn’t take photos of the many dips that Charlie’s offer but they got loads. If I’m not mistaken, they have tomato ketsup, mustard, different mayo. Good thing I’m with the food experts nga coz they made my life easy. I just immitate what they put on their food. Hahahahaha! No fail naman. Nasarapan ako sa lahat.

Buffalo Wings

Eto sure ako si Jerellt nag-order neto. The best friend loves spicy food so it’s a no brainer that she’ll go for this Spicy Buffalo Wings. Which by the way is really spicy! When I told her it’s super spicy, she said that I should dip it on the bleu cheese dip that goes with it to balance out the heat. Well, it worked coz I finish a wing pero di na ko kumuha ulit. Hahahahaha! And I find the bleu cheese weird.

This is Erlie’s burger. I don’t know what it’s called. I just snap a photo of it before I allowed her to eat it. She said it’s yummy though. :)

And we all had ice tea to finish the meal.

But what I really feel bad about was that I didn’t get to try their milkshake. Kris has been raving about it on the KrisTV episode. As in sabi nya it’s super yummy daw and the cake too. I wanna go back one day and try it. Paging Len! Taralets?!

Charlie’s Grind and Grill
16 East Kapitolyo Drive,
Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasign City


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