Review: Ace Hotel and Spa Buffet

After posting myCharlie's adventure, I realized that I totally forgot to post my Ace Hotel and Spa staycation last May!!!! I know! I know! Most efficient blogger it is.

But don't blame me! I have a gazillion backlogs. Haven't started with my Camiguin-Bukidnon-CDO adventure and my El Nido-Puerto Prinsesa trip yet. And this pregnancy is making me a lazy woman! Lazier than usual so imagine how lazy that actually is.

So enough of the ranting and on to the actual topic shall we?

My BFFs and I finally had a staycation last May. Being all yuppies, everybody's so busy which each other's life so planning an actual vacation has proven to be difficult. Thank heavens that staycation was invented. Who ever thought of staying at a hotel at the heart of the metro for some R&R is such a genius! Alabshoooo...

I'll be doing a separate post of my review of the actual hotel but for now allow me to share with you my favorite part of the staycation...


You know, I've been to a couple of hotels already and one thing I learned is that hotel food is not usually awesome. Sure they'd look great (especially on those 5 star hotels) and is Instagram perfect but there's nothing really special once you taste it. Sometimes pa nga, I really don't like the food at all! The only 5 star hotel food that i liked is The Peninsula's. But still, it's not that awesome. Just so-so.

Ace's food however is superb! Definitely the best hotel buffet that I've been to. They offer a wide array of choices for morning buffet. They have bread and different kinds of spreads. They have different kinds of sandwiches and pastries. They have eggs, an omelet station and soups and pancakes and waffles. They offer different viands and fried rice and white rice. They have veggies. They have siomai! Loads of makis and sushis. They offer shabu shabu. Lahat na! Buffet kung buffet talaga. Na-haggard ako ng slight sa choices. Kasi lahat gusto ko!!!

They also offer different fruits and different kinds of desserts. From chocolate mousse to strawberry something. All in those cute shot glasses. Plus some bibingka (ay not sure pala kung bibingka pero parang malagkit). Hahahahaha! Hangdami din! Nahilo na naman ako....

They also have a salad station if you're health conscious. I'm not! So i didn't try this at all.

They have a cereal station for the kids as well. I am not really a cereal fan so I didn't try this out. But those fruit loops are cute. Once the little one is out, I'd bring him/her for a staycation and would let him/her prepare his/her own cereal bowl. That'll be messy for sure!

They even have a yogurts! Didn't get it at first, I was thinking I'd get one after I finish my meal kaso naubos na pagbalik ko. :( Didn't wait for them to refill it na.

And of course! they offer different softdrinks, fruit juices, iced tea, lemonade, hot tea, coffee. They even have yakult! \m/ Pati sa drinks mahihilo ka! I only had coffee. Ansarap ng kape!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed breakfast. The food is incredibly yummy. All of us agreed that Ace offers the yummiest breakfast buffet. That broccoli veggies are the bomb! Love it to bits! And that one with egg is really something. I think i had 2 of those.

What failed me though is the omelet. Too oily. Super konting cheese when i specifically said put a generous amount of cheese. Oh well! But all in all it was a great breakfast. Busog pa ko until lunch. Pero kasi we had brekky at around 9AM na din ata and stayed till 10 or 10:30. Hahahahahaha! I really wanna go back to Ace Hotel if only for the food. You should go try it out!

I think I really need a staycation. My little one deserves an R&R. Hmmm..


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