The Best of Chico, Delamar, and Gino’s The Morning Rush Top 10 Book 2


Wow, I’m actually blogging from Ace Hotel and Suites right now. Just finished with the Water Spa. But more on that on a later blog post. Well, hopefully sooner rather than later. :)
And so now on to the topic…
I am a rusher for years now. Being a huge fan of Chico and Delamar, I got so excited when they launched their first ever book last 2011. And the first book was so successful that a book 2 is really expected. I had fun reading the first book. Kahit na yung iba eh narinig ko na. Being a bookworm, iba padin talaga yung dating ng binabasa mo sya eh.
And so when they announced that the book 2 is already available, I know I need to get them. But unlike the book 1 which I got on the first day of release, I wasn’t able to buy the 2nd book right away. So imagine my reaction when someone twitpic’d me a page on the book.
I AM ON THE MORNING RUSH TOP 10 BOOK 2!!! Reigningstill – that’s me right? :) My twitter handle, my Instagram handle, my blog name! That’s me! I’m on an actual book. A published one. A book that is on NBS’ best seller! The number 1 on the list!!! Yay!
At first I thought I only got one entry on the book, bilang bihira din naman ako um-entry but then someone I don’t know mentioned me on a tweet that’s so familiar.
“You are my happiest hello and my saddest goodbye.”
Those words are actually my MSN status for weeks!
I got 2 entries on the book. And both are on number 1! Yay! One thing off my bucket list. I am on an actual book. Yehey! Yehey!!!!
Make sure you guys grab a copy. Like the first book, this is worth reading. If you want a little something to make you laugh, this one is so worth it.


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