Against The Light

This is what I wore on my Ace Hotel and Suites staycation last week with my bestfriends – Jerellt and Boyet, Joie and Jeff and Erlie.

I decided to wear my cute white romper from Terranova (also worn here) to show you that this versatile piece is also perfect to be worn in the city. ^_^

To make my look fun and to add drama on the entire outfit, I wore a salmon slim belt, my multi-functional DIY shirt, my new favorite Celine slippers and finish off with some wooden bangles and earrings and my ever reliable high bun. I am so vacation readyyyy…

Let’s talk about my DIY’d shirt shall we? You’ve seen them here, here and here. And on all occasions, I wore them differently to achieve a specific look. This time around, I try to wear them as a cover up. I love that the lola prints add glits and glamour to my look. Making me look fab without overdoing it. And I love how it gave me a slimmer silhouette.

Aren’t my new slippers fab? I find them charming and girly. The ribbon and the gold detail is gorgeous!

White Romper: Terranova | DIY’d Shirt: Vintage | Slippers: Celine | Belt: G.Gozum | Hair: Goody Spin Pins | Wooden Earrings and Bangles: Divisoria

Are you also loving the against the light drama of this pictures. I bullied my bestfriend Erlie into taking this look shots for me and was amazed by the results! After a while she’s enjoying the photo op already and was actually teaching me how to pose.

I love how sophisticated my high bun looked against the light. Yay! If only I can have this background everyday. I’ll be a happy blogger.

We loved the “against the light” pictures so much that my bestfriend Jerellt of Je’s Anatomy agreed to pose ala-fashion blogger. May future ang lola mo sa fashion blogging! Umamin kayoooooo…

And of course, pwede bang wala si Joie of Shots of Life? May future din diba? Girls, I’m telling you, if your food and travel blogs didn’t work, maybe you can switch to fashion blogging? Loving Joie’s sandals from Payless and Je’s silver flats from i-don’t-know-where.

Them girls would kill me for posting this. Nyahahaha! But I would like to  take credit for “discovering” them right? You girls are amaze balls by the way.

Ending this post with my annoying selfies!!!

Goodnight everyone. Tomorrow is a Monday!!! And only a couple more days before my birthday. Yay!!!!


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