It’s scorching hot in Manila! I even had to spend my weekends at a café just to beat the summer heat without hurting our electric bill. And so I went out and wore my cutie swim shorts and DIY’d shirt. Now I know what’s the next question is- if it’s too hot in Manila, why on earth am I wearing this Neon hoodie??


Its because of the schizophrenic weather!! Darn!! One minute its thunderstorms all over and then the next minute its scorching hot. I swear! One must be ready for every Manila weather mood, its getting tiring! I am seriously thinking of breaking up with him. Char!

Plus this neon hoodie is perfect for the indoor AC. Some establishments tend to overuse their AC to give comfort to the hot people getting in, as in yung hot na naiinitan and not hot the sexy. At dahil girl scout ako, may dala akong pang ginaw syempre!


But this hoodie is actually a very thin one, almost see-through. It’s just for light layering and gives a little comfort if its getting quite cold. Plus, it gave my look that much needed oomph! I’m on a very simple shorts + white tee combo so I need to add a statement piece on my look.


I love how summery my entire look is. Perfect for a stroll at the beach. That’s one thing I love about summer, the fun of color that we can add to our look. I super loved how this outfit turned out. I look really laid-back and extremely fun and outgoing.


Anyway, I’ve been DIY’ing much lately. Cutting some clothes to make them summer-ready and I am enjoying it! Imagine how much I was able to have a complete set of wardrobe without spending a single cent? I just cut away and that’s it. Take this tee as an example. This one has been seating on my closet for a year now and I haven’t worn it once. And so since this shirt is a little big on me, I decided to cut all the edges so I can have a sleeveless top that I can wear with jeans, leggings, skirts or shorts. I have another DIY’d top that I can’t wait to share with you guys. You can try them!! Will share how I do it soon…

neon3Borawan Tee: Vintage and DIY’d | Shorts: Paco Market (super cheap) | Neon Hoodie: from a Bazaar | Sandals: a gift | Sunnies: Charlie | Earrings: from my cousin | Bag: Nine West | Pinkish Nude Lippy: Victoria’s Secret

This look is my perfect example of not compromising style with comfort. With the right key pieces, you can achieve both. Sabi nga nila, bakit ka magtya-tyaga sa isa kung pwede mo naman i-achieve ang lahat! Sugapa lang ang peg. Hahahaha..

If you are wondering how I pick the colors on my look and knew instantly that it’ll work – its because I choose color that’s already on the shorts. That way, my outfit looked cohesive. And of course, I just have to finish off with high bun and some sunnies para lang may drama.




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