Blue Jeans + Basic Tee


This is what I wore on my brother’s 8th birthday. We attended mass so shorts and mini skirts are out. My mother is very specific when it comes to dressing up on church. She would insist that we dress appropriately which I think is very important. Again, know your intended audience. Ayaw ko naman magkasala yung mga nasa paligid ko dahil sa damit ko!
So what’s a girl to do? Go back to basics of course! Jeans + Basic Tee is a sure hit combo. You could never go wrong in them. Capped off my outfit with a pair of boat shoes for added comfort and I’m all set! Very simple, very basic but undeniably very fashionable.
I think the secret to this look is my blue soft skinnies. Told you I am addicted to them! They are very comfortable and very stylish. Them royal blue skinnies is a statement all on its own. This serves as the focal point of my look. Very eye candy. Imagine if I wore basic denims on this look. Naku! Hindi nyo ko makikilala sa sobrang simple! Hahahaha..
And oh! This specific pair skinnies I think is best for chubs chubs like me. I used to think that skinnies make my thighs look bigger so I stay away from them as much as I can. But soft skinnies in candy colors (preferably dark tones) just made my thighs look “skinny” and not to mention longer! Kung hindi lang kami sa Baclaran magsisimba avail ko talaga yung blue heels ko eh for extra length. Kaso waley! Baclaran yun at gusto ko pa mabuhay kaya blue boat shoes na lang. Tingkayad ever nalang ako.
And of course, since very early ito at mega eye bags pa ko -  avail ko na din ang aking very trusted pair of Ray-bans! And used my native bag for extra color and statement. Again I went minimalist on accessories because I know I’d be carrying my brother from time to time so bulky accessories are out. I don’t want my brother to get hurt. Just those blue pearls and black bangles. And of course, just wore pink lippies for that simple girl peg. I’m all set for some family bonding time!
20121212_115912-horzKengkoy Tee: Solo | Blue Soft Skinnies: Whoops | Gold Belt: G Gozum | Boat Shoes: Sperry | Native Bag: a gift from Cor | Pearl Earrings: Random | Bangles: Vintage

What do you think of my look? :)
How’s 2013 so far? I’m down with the asthma. Hahahaha! First week of the year and I’m sick. Gosh! I really think I need to exercise. I think I need to run early in the morning to make my lungs stronger. What do you guys think? And oh! You know any vitamins I can try to make my immune system stronger? Malaking hadlang ang pagiging sakitin ko sa mga pangarap ko eh!
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