Review: Almon Marina


G.p and I decided to have our after work dinner at Robinson’s Ermita. It was a hectic day for both of us. Add the dreadful traffic. So we decided to indulge ourselves with a sumptuous dinner.


I have been seeing Almon Marina for quite some time now but it’s the first time that I’ve tried it. We decided to dine here because of the cozy ambiance. It was a small diner that could accommodate a handful of guests. I think that’s exactly what we need after a full day.


As usual, I decided to start my meal with a bowl of soup to warm up my stomach. Actually, having soup before a meal is now a habit of mine. I do it to make sure that I don’t overeat. ;) Plus its good for my gastritis so it’s a win-win situation. I forgot what soup I had. Heck! I totally forgot our entire meal’s name and price. Hahaha.. I lost the receipt and I wasn’t able to take a photo of it. I must really make it a habit too.


Anyway, all I know is that the soup is good. Though I didn’t like the bread (?) stick that goes with it. The soup is creamy and warm. But its not something extraordinary.


G.p had pasta and chicken. The chicken definitely is the star of the table. I hate chicken legs but ii totally forgot it was chicken legs because of the sauce. It was sweet and little salty and a little spicy.


The pasta on the other hand is just so-so. Something forgetful. It didn’t really blew our minds. When it comes to white spaghetti, I really want it creamy and that is what’s lacking on Almon Marina’s pasta.


I had sausage and the same pasta as G.p’s with bread and salad. The salad is good. The vegetables are crisp and fresh. But I totally didn’t like the sausage! :’( It was too spicy. Almost like I’m eating a handful of black pepper. Plus I find it difficult to eat, much like eating leather. Not that I’ve tried eating leather or something. Hahahaha…


Aside from our iced tea, G.p got this tall Bailey’s shake something. Hahahaha.. I didn’t like at all but G.p loved it. She finished the entire thing. But since her alcohol tolerance is so low, she end up feeling a bit tipsy after. Hahahaha..


Our overall dining experience is just so-so. Though I loved some of the dishes we’ve tried, some are really not something that would make me want to go back. But they have great customer service and nice ambiance. Maybe we just got unlucky on the sausage? I think we’d go back and give it a second chance.


Almon Marina

Midtown Wing, Robinsons Manila

Ermita, Manila, Philippines




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