Smarting Up My Casual

Dressing up in the corporate world is so tedious! I have been working for years now and I’m so glad that the company I worked for doesn’t require uniforms because then I can do what I love most which is dressing up.
But for a fashionista like I am, (I am a self-proclaimed one so if you don’t agree, well get out of my blog. Kiddin’!) those dreaded dress code policy are my biggest enemy. They slim down my choices and I sometimes find that they are not updated on the latest trend. Oh well!
But who say’s that corporate dressing isn’t fun?! Who says the choices are limited? Oh don’t let the corporate world bring you down and eat you from within. (Maka-drama naman ako!)
Here’s another way to smarten up your casuals. :)
Yes everyone! Blazers are your bestfriend!!! I used to not like blazers because they are too “formal” but now I love them. They make every look so put together effortlessly. And they can transform even your jeans into a smart casual attire in just a snap.
Take this look for example. Here I am wearing a simple black tee and my black skinny jeans. But an officemate actually told me that I look too business-like that day. And I have to thank my blazers for that. It simply upgraded my overall look into a smart casual one which is the required look for the corporate world.
We are only allowed to wear jeans on dress-down days but this particular pair is my personal exception. Of course, if you are an officemate of mine please don’t tell my bosses that this pants are actually jeans. :) Di naman kaya halata! I swear. The secret there is finding the perfect black skinnies. Most skinnies are made of soft stretch jeans that could easily pass up as slacks. And once you got a pair in black, even your boss won’t be able to tell the difference.
I like buying flexible pieces. Those that can be worn on different occasions. I am not rich. I don’t have swpare money to buy tons of clothes just to fit my fashion needs. Actually, the key here is mix and match.
Notice that since I wore this on a regular working day, I made sure that I kept my look smart by wearing blazers and finish off with my cute nude wedges.
That’s another fashion tip - if you want to wear your jeans and make them look smart, wear heels! Shoes really does make huge difference on your look. Even a pair of shorts can look smart if worn with heels. The beauty of fashion and the endless possibilities. Isn’t it amazing?!
I also accessorize accordingly. I didn’t dare wear statement accessories since I don’t want to look too casual. I settled for the basic accessories – black and silver stud earrings, watch and steel necklace. I also tie my hair in a high ponytail to achieve that polished look.
But of course since it’s me, I added a bit of playfulness on my look by adding a splash of color red via my slim belt. But made sure that phone case matched my look. Aren’t they the cutest. Cath Kidston S3 flower case for the win!
hilo8Black V-Neck Tee: Kenkoy Collection by Solo | Black Skinny Jeans: Reborn | Blue and White Patterned Blazer: Zara | Nude Heels: Robinson’s Ermita Tiange | Red Slim Belt: Gozum | Black Leather Watch: Esprit | Earrings: Random | Steel Necklace with Wing Pendant: Steelworks by Silverworks | S3 Phone Case: Cath Kidston

P.S. Thanks to G.p for taking my outfit shots. I think this is my fave location on taking outfit shots. Yay!


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