When Ondoy strikes last 2009, I was beyond belief that I didn’t even feel it. My apartment just got a little flooded and I was on house arrest for a day. But that’s just it. Little did I know that my entire family is on my Lola’s house already because our house is flooded. I went home to a house with almost nothing. But my family is safe. From then on, I knew I just have to be with them all the time. I went home, had our house fixed and made sure that this time, we’ll have somewhere safe just in case another Ondoy hit Manila.

Now, with just a monsoon rain hitting Manila, we can see another Ondoy. Though not as worst but definitely close. I’m just so glad that the Estero de Paco was cleaned and rehabilitated just recently because I know, if all those garbage are still in the estero, we’d have higher floods here. And our situation would be definitely worst.

As much as I’m thankful that my entire family is safe with just a couple of our things wet (water enters the first floor of our home but nothing worst), I know there are less fortunate than we are. :’( Seeing people on the news whose situations are so much worst made me cry. Those kids that are shaking cold and has stayed on their roof for hours, wet and hungry, until they are rescued really broke my heart. That 3 week old child who died because of a landslide. And there are more.

Please, if you can help, do so. With every little thing, that’ll be a big help. For information on how/where to help, please visit these blogs:


They have basically made a complete list of all the important information now. But I highly recommend you to donate to The Philippine Red Cross. If you’re a SMART/GLOBE subscriber just text RED<space>AMOUNT and send to 4143 (SMART) or 2899 (GLOBE). It will be credited on your load. It’s as easy as that. Also, if you have something to donate like clean clothes, blankets, towels or unused underwear and toiletries, please do so. Check the above blogs on where you can send your donations.

Here are also some of the things we must keep in mind in times like these:
  • Celebrities are tirelessly RT’ing all our tweets for help and information. So please be responsible. Think before you click. Some tweets are outdated and some are not true. I even saw a picture retweeted by Ces Drilon that’s actually a photo nung Ondoy pa. Buti nalang natandaan ko sya. I mean, imagine the panic it caused right?! And some celebrities, out of good heart just want to spread the information so tayo bilang nagbibigay ng information sa kanila, let’s make sure that the information is verified and true. Yung iba gusto lang ma-mention ng mga celebrities. Now is not the right time for that tweeps!
  • Make sure that the person you want to rescue really needs rescuing. @DivinemLee has been tirelessly calling and reporting people that has been tweeted to her since yesterday. Some phones are off while some doesn’t need rescuing. Sayang naman yung effort at time diba? Na sana mas naibibigay sa totoong nangangailangan. Call you relatives, your friends and ask if they really need help. And check baka naman kaya nyo silang tulungan. If not, then report to the rescue people.
  • Evacuate when asked. I mean come on! If the government people went to your house and ask you to evacuate, wag ng matigas ang ulo. Evacuate na po tayo. Ligpitin ang mga gamit. Itaas ang pwedeng itaas. I-plastik ang mga importanteng gamit. I-lock ang pinto at lumikas. Wag na po nating antayin na ma-trap na tayo sa bubong ng mga bahay natin kasama ng mga bata bago tayo humingi ng tulong. Tapos kapag natagalan ang resuce people magagalit pa tayo sa kanila. Wag naman ganun. Our safety is our responsibility.
  • Mas makakatulong ka kung papatuluyin mo sa bahay mo ang kapitbahay mong walang second floor kesa sa i-tweet mo sa mga celebrities na kelangan nnila ng tulong. Extend help. Open your house. Now is the time to give a hand to those in need. Kahit sino pa sya.
  • Wag ng pasaway. Stay at home kung wala namang importanteng gagawin. Do not go out and wade on the flood if not needed. Take care of yourself. In that way, you’ll be one less person to worry about. If you can feed yourself and keep yourself safe and your family, do so. Wag ng pasaway at matigas ang ulo.
  • For the love of God do not throw your garbage on the street! Naman. If you have a candy wrapper, keep it on your bag until you see a trashcan. Throw your trash properly. Clean your place. Make sure that the nearby estero on your place is clean. Have a clean up drive once a week. Make it a habit. Plant a tree or two. Do not smoke. Be environment friendly. This things that are happening to us are not because of God’s wrath. Eto ay ang basurang itinapon mo na bumalik sayo.
  • Wag isisi sa iba ang lahat. Umulan at bumaha – nagtweet ka ng kung ano ano about sa gobyerno. Ang daming nagugutom, nagtweet ka ng kung ano ano about sa RHbill. Naman! No need to further explain this. I know you know what I mean.
Be safe everyone. Continue praying. We still have water on the first level of our house but my family is safe. I hope yours too. #PrayForThePhilippines


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