Black and Stripes

Here’s my take on the Black + White ensemble. I’m uber lazy that day to dress up. So without even thinking, I just grabbed my little black dress and my black and white striped top (turned it into a cardigan). Voila! I’m outta house in 15minutes. Oh! And I grabbed my favorite belt too. Even my accessories are simple and minimal. I;m just glad that my earrings matches my shoes (which is by the way the only shoes I got in the office as I forgot to bring one and I’m always wearing flipflops on my way to work). You can never go work with a little black dress I’m telling you. :)

What do you think about my look?! :-)


blog1Black Dress: Random | Striped Top (used as cardigan): my sister’s | Shoes: People Are People | Gray Belt: Random | Black Bangles: Random | Mantra Bracelet: The Bead Shop | Star Ring: G.p’s | Star Ring: Random | ID Lace: Love Yourself Because You Deserve It | Earrings: Gift from Len | Wing Necklace: Steelworks by Silverworks


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