On Being a Workaholic Chic

Here’s another office outfit post. I know I tend to wear pieces at work that would barely pass on our dress code but I’m telling you, I was never given even a warning. And for that, let me share my secret.
  • Skirt length is soo much important. An inch above the knee is acceptable and is not considered a mini. If you’re a petite girl like me, you could pass wearing 2 inches above the knee. If your skirt almost touch 2/3 of you leg length, then you could reconsider your options. Micro mini’s are a no-no! But semi-mini skirt is a yes.
  • If your dress has low neckline, wear a tube underneath. Pull a Sarah Geronimo. :) It won’t hurt anyway.
  • Do not wear body-hugging dress. Save them for party. But if you really wanna wear some body hugging dress you might consider throwing on a long cardigan. They can also be very helpful in hiding unwanted bulges.
  • On wearing cut-outs – make sure that the cut-outs are all “safe”. Cut outs on the arms may pass but cut-outs on the side seems not so cute and proper unless you throw on some cardigans again to hide it. But what good is wearing cut-outs if you can’t show them off?!
  • Sheers are very much in season lately so we fashyown girls want to wear our cute sheers at work and we can. Just make sure you wear a spaghetti strap or tube top underneath. If you have a printed sheer that doesn’t really show much of your skin underneath, you can drop the undergarments but make sure to wear loads of necklace to hide your chest. You don’t want your boss or officemate having a peek at your cleavage right? And again, throw on some jackets or cardigans.
  • If you love bright colors like me, just make sure you wear them one at a time. Do not go to work looking like a neon sign. And make sure you tone them down by partnering it with some basic colors like black or brown or nude or white.
  • If you’re the type who excessorize, make sure that they don’t disrupt your work. It’s so hard to type with a gazillion bracelet on. But if you can, don’t wear those accessories that cling clang all the time. Puhhleeaaasseee! Some people are working.
  • Leggings are not allowed at the office. But ssshhhh.. I wear them all the time! :) I just wear leggings that are thick enough to pass as jeggings or jeans or skinny pants. Most of my leggings looked like skinnies anyway.
So there you have it. I hope I was able to give you a couple of ideas on how to make your outfit more office appropriate. It’s Sunday and its work time again tomorrow. Arrrggghhh.. I hope the weekends never end. Harhar…
IMG_4536Peplum Dress in White and Black Lace: Mint | Cropped Stripe Jacket: MSE | Heels: Gibi Collection | Bag: Ayla | Earrings: Quiapo


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