A Toast for that Great Year!


My Birthday just ended. It’s the wee hours of the morning and I’m here writing a thank you blog even though I’m supposed to be asleep for another busy day at work. :) I just need to. While my adrenaline’s still high and everything’s fresh.

I had a blast of a birthday. Details would be posted soon. However, let me put a separate entry for my thank you to that great last year!

I travelled a lot, been to many places. Seen loads of different beautiful places and things. Tried a whole lot of new things and adventures. Acquired more experience. Been a little wiser. Had my fair share of ups and downs. Met loads of new friends. Re-united with a couple of old friends. All in all, I had a great year. I didn’t won the lottery or something but it sure felt like that.

I am the type of girl who never expects. Thus, when blessings come my way, I feel so thankful and joyful. And that is exactly what happened to my past year.

To the people who made my year extra special, THANK YOU! To those who loved me and continues to love me, double THANK YOU!

I’m excited for the year ahead. I know we’ll all have a great time. But for now, let me live, love, laugh and learn from life!

Happy Birthday To Me! :)

And to you Big Guy Up There… Salamat po sa biyaya!! :)


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