Review: Mongolian Rice Bowls

Whew! I’m back! Been quite a while. Sorry for being MIA guys. I was sooooo busy with Gumiho I forgot to live. (For those wondering what the heck is Gumiho, it’s actually a Koreanovela I recently got addicted with. #StoryOfMyLife)

Anyway, here’s another super duper late post. :-) But I’m getting there guys. Bear with me! Matatapos ko din i-post ang lahat ng to!

And soooooo….

After a very short stint at Star City, my friends and I went to SM Mall of Asia to try Mongolian. Jay has been raving about it the whole week and he keeps on telling us that we should try it. I’m not an “eat-all-you-can” fan. I just think that dining in one is not sulit for me and most specially, G.p! I mean, both of us don’t eat much. And G.p eats as much as a cockroach. So sayang! But I’m with 3 guy friends and 1 more girl friend and all of them are super duper takaw. So I gave in.


It’s my first time to try a restaurant where you prepare your own food. As in everything is there and all you have to do is mix the stuffs you want in a bowl! I must admit I’m super hesitant about it. I mean, I can’t cook for crying out loud. And how am I supposed to know what to put and what to mix when I don’t even have the slightest idea of how my mom came up with an adobo! hahahaha…

IMG_2014The Dessert Table

Nevertheless, I still had fun. My friends and I kept on comparing our bowl of masterpieces with each other and declaring ours as the yummiest. Hahaha! Parang tanga lang kasi we kept on tasting the food nung iba tapos we’ll comment like feelingerang chef. “Kulang sa sauce.” or “Ay medyo maalat.” or “Sana you put a little of brown sugar.” hahahaha.. Mukhang tanga but it’s fun. I think all friends are like that.


Though I must tell you this, at the end of the day everyone accepted the fact that I made the yummiest bowl. Promise! Though I honestly don’t know how I came up with a yummy bowl of pancit. :-P Jay and Gelo thought it must be because I decided to add liver and peanuts on my bowl. Oh well! Whatever! Basta I came up with a super delicious meal that everyone would die for. hahahahha.. It made me remember that one time I cooked Bistek Tagalog for our out of town trip. It was my first out of town trip with G.p actually. And she says she fell in love with my Bistek Tagalog. But as much as I would like to do it again for her, I can’t! Coz again, its one of my “accidentally delicious meal”.

IMG_2016Our Bowl Numbers and the Dessert Plate

We ended the meal with a glass of halo-halo. Though I must admit that their halo-halo is nothing special. But their brownies and chocolate mousse are the best. I think I had 3 servings of both.




I highly recommend Mongolian to those of you who wants to try a different dining experience. Try to visit their Mall of Asia branch specially on Saturday nights so you could also enjoy the Fireworks. It was heaven to end your meal with a beautiful dance of lights in the sky. :-)

IMG_2017My friend Jin!

IMG_2023Aiko and Jin with their bowl of masterpiece

IMG_2020Oh! It’s Jin again.


IMG_2019My 1st bowl.


Mongolian Rice Bowls

127 Ground Floor Veranda

Entertainment Mall

SM Mall of Asia


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