Peanut Butter Co. and the Joyride!

One of my friend recently got himself a brand new car. So the first time that he ever brought it to the office, all of us are really excited.

They are my usual lunch buddies. So when he told us over lunch that his car was parked somewhere in Makati, alam na agad! JOYRIDE!

383747_10150515892038255_651508254_10318542_121342792_nMy friends and I acting like kids at the back seat!

We have our group’s official driver and we usually use his car on out of town trips or gimmicks. So seeing another friend drive for us is uber fun! I was really excited. All of us are teasing him like nuts and we all acted like kids. I kept on telling him “Ang bango ng car. Amoy bago.” And we all told him that we want to live longer. hahahaha.. But he’s a great driver, I tell you.

387500_10150515892378255_651508254_10318546_1904658157_nOur new driver and his NEW CAR! \m/

We initially planned to eat somewhere in Makati. But since we really want a “joyride”, we went all the way to the Mall of Asia. The ride is superb. We were laughing all the time. My friends are nice and all but they are definitely crazy! Swear! You would usually hear us laughing like there’s no tomorrow at the most silly jokes. Or corny for that matter.

So, while walking and looking for a perfect place to eat:

Friend 1: Sa Peanut Butter Co. tayo! Masarap dun.

Friend 2: Anong meron dito na wala sa iba? Dun tayo kumain.

Friend 1: Yun nga! Peanut Butter Co.

Friend 2: Talaga? Ok dun nalang.


Evidently, we gave in to his request and ate at PBCo. I so love peanut butter and the only dish that I can think of with peanut butter itself (spell KARE-KARE) is actually my all-time favorite. So just thinking that we’d eat somewhere with peanut butter on every single dish on the menu is like thinking “heaven” for me.









PBCo. didn’t disappoint me at all! The food is superb. Friend 1 suggested I get the Peanut Butter with Mallows Sandwich which I did and it was delicious. I can’t wait to drag G.p there. But she’s not a big fan of peanut butter but I guess she’ll love it still. We did enjoy the food. And we did have a great time. After dinner, we all went home with a happy tummy and life full of laughter.

Though my story didn’t end there. Remember the conversation between friend 1 and friend 2? (Scroll up if you didn’t, I knew you would!) Oh well! The next day we passed by Paseo Center. And guess what we saw? Yup! You got it right! There’s a PBCo. branch right beside our very own office building. As in tatawid ka lang! Ni hindi ka pagpapawisan. Epic fail! hahahaha.. All of us went “Anyareh?? Sa MOA lang pala merong PBCo. huh! Dumayo pa tayo eh kapitbahay lang pala natin yan.”.




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