GLEE: the 3D Concert Movie

G.p and I went to Greenhill's a couple of weeks ago to settle my ChaCha issue. However, because of some unfortunate incidents I end up pissed and disappointed. So to cool my nerves off, we decided to go to the cinemas and watch a local flick only find out that GLEE the 3D Concert Movie is already showing! Yes!
Glee3DMovieCD(Photo grabbed from Google)
So being a major major fan of the TV series, we immediately changed plans and buy tickets for GLEE instead. Another plus factor is that it’s being shown on PROMENADE which both of us haven’t tried yet.
The movie house is almost empty. Maybe it’s because of the fact that it’s a weekday and we opted for the lunchtime schedule. But we definitely didn’t feel so much alone because of the group of kids who sits behind us. Mind you! Those kids are noisy! As in, you’d literally feel like you’re watching a REAL concert because of them. Not to mention we’re watching it on 3D so concert talaga ang peg. Those girls scream their hearts out every time Blaine is being shown. They we’re laughing and screaming and singing. Oh the joys of being a kid!
As for my review? As much as I love the TV series, I think the movie is a major fail. I mean come on! All the songs shown there are basically the same stuffs that we are seeing on TV for FREE. They didn’t even bother adding a couple of new songs. As in nothing new. Even the dance production and all. Everything is as if it was copied from the series and turned into a 3D video. Although of course, I really adore the Gleeks that I don’t mind hearing the songs again and again.


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