Oversized Shirt and Jeans on a Friday

Fridays are Jeans Day for us! So its normal to see everyone in jeans and sneakers. But I am so NOT a jeans person. Unlike the usual jeans-and-shirt girls that I know, my comfy clothes are either shorts, leggings, jazz pants and skirts (Yes! I am more comfortable in skirt than in jeans. Don't ask me why because I also don't know.)

And I don't wear those rough jeans that we usually see. I like my jeans soft, stretchable and as much as possible something that doesn't feel like jeans at all! Something that hugs your thighs and legs. I don't want the rough feel of those ordinary jeans.

Jeans from HUMAN (Php600+) | Oversized shirt from a Bazaar (Php200-) |
Grey sandals (Php300-) | Colorful beaded bracelets | Huge silver earrings 
This particular pair is actually one of my favorites. They are everything I want my jeans to be. Soft and fit. Very comfortable indeed. :-)

I was asking Cor to take pics of my outfit when everyone joined in and goof around with me. So we ended up taking group pics instead! See below some of our goofy shots.

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