De-Cluttering Phase 1: Done!

I initially thought this De-Cluttering project would be one of the toughest projects I’ll ever come up with. However, it only proves that sheer determination mixed with an ounce of frustration would lead to success. :)
So guys, congratulate me please for finally completing Phase 1! That means, my rooms is FINALLY clean. Yey!
With the help of my sister and a cousin; we scrubbed, polished, dust and scrub some more every inch of my room. Those boxes who serve as refugee to mice, dust mites and other “stuffs” are removed. And finally, my missing “trinkets” are all found! Hahaha… My bags are cleaned, my shoes are arranged, and my clothes are now organized. I switched cabinets with Mama as well. Coz hers is the bigger one. Now all my clothes are INSIDE the cabinet; and not on my bed which is where I usually put them because my old cabinet cannot accommodate everything! But mind you, switching cabinet is a major hassle.
I also bought several plastic box organizers and re-used some old ones of Mama. I segregate my stuffs and put them on the appropriate box. My old wooden bookshelf has been donated to Manong because all my books are now inside a huge plastic box. My old bookshelf cannot protect my books from dust mites so I guess it’s better there. Plus, I saved a lot of space. And it is much easier for me to find my things.
My plastic box organizers looked like this one.
Photo taken from the net.
No actual pics. Sorry!

Now, the challenge is maintaining my organized space. A cousin joked that he only need to count a week and my room would be back to its usual mess. And it’s been more than a week and I can proudly say that I’m still enjoying the “organized” feel of my roomy. So I guess I was able to pass the 1 week challenge; will work on the month challenge and the year challenge! So guys, please wish me luck! :)


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