Fiesta 2011 in Mini-Skirt

Vintage tee | Blue maong mini skirt | Silver Ipanema Slippers | Wide white belt | Colorful beaded bracelets | Bangle in Animal Prints
I was not able to join our yearly Fiesta celebration last year so I made sure I am home this year to help out with the games.

The busy organizers prepping.
Great job you two!

My sister Arvie, ex-SK official , and  my ever reliable cousin Ruben coordinated and came up with something exciting for the kids and the kids at heart for our Fiesta! This year, they organized a “Bingo ng Bayan” aside from the yearly parlor games that we are doing. My mother even went out of her way by ensuring that I get to join the fun by getting bingo cards for me. That means, I pay the cards and she's got to play. And oh! The prices are of course, HERS!

So for that special day, I decided to wear something comfy but stylish. So I settled for a blue mini skirt, black old tees, wide white belt and of course my Ipanema slippers!:-) Comfortable and very much sexy! Those old tees are such a comfort. Very cool.

I helped with the games. Assisted the kids. And took care of my brother while my Mama play Bingo.
It was indeed a success. Definitely job well done for my sister. I know how hard she worked for this and I am very proud she was able to give her time and effort to make sure the kids in our compound would never forget this Fiesta!
Nothing beats the smiles on this kid's faces during the games. Very worth it!
Bentot playing Ninong! Giving out prizes to the kids!
The Generation Babes! Can't believe that all of them are married!

Me being the big sister that I am!

Boi-Boi having tantrums.


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