Review: Kabayan Beach Resort

I know that my Kabayan Beach Resort review is way too overdue. But hey! Better late than NEVER!
Oh well, it took us a while to be able to finalize our Laiya adventure. Leng could not confirm since her color-coded schedule is so color-coded she can’t even understand when she is free.
So when she finally said yes, after a couple of ‘WELGA’ and YM conference meetings, it was already almost too late. We planned to leave on a long weekend. So understandably, most of the resorts are already fully booked. Not to mention the fact that I have a talk-shit ex who volunteered herself to join us but backed out on the last minute didn’t help at all.
We also do not have the slightest idea of what to expect and where to go. Thanks so much to Google and its very powerful capability to provide endless information. Before we knew it, we already have made 3 reservations to 3 different resorts. We weight the Pro’s and Con’s and decided.
The decision committee is mostly consists of Me and Jerellt. We did the research and I did most of the calls. We were chatting the whole day and night and texting like maniac.
Finally, we have confirmed our reservation to Kabayan Beach Resort and cancelled the others.
So what made us decide to go to Kabayan? Here’s why:
  1. They allow food inside the resort. No corkage fee! – being a budget traveler that we are, we need a resort that would allow us to bring as much food as we want. Not only to ensure that we could save many on food but also, this would allow us to eat whatever it is that we want.
  2. They have a cottage good for 6 pax available – initially there’s only the 4 of us who planned to leave Manila, but then my talk-shit ex (I hope she’s not reading) said she’d come then backed-out on the last minute. It is good that we have a reservation for a bigger room since I was able to bring my sister as well as my Gelpren with us.
  3. Their cottage is equipped with a full-packed Kitchen appliance – they have a gas stove, tv, ref, and other kitchen utilities available on the cottage. This allow us to lessen our baggage since we don’t need to bring anything else. Although Jerellt still insists on bringing disposable cups and plates being the OC that she is.
  4. Nice Reviews -- being a blogger and a friend of a blogger, I have high respect to my fellow bloggers and their reviews published in the web. Since we were able to visit a handful of blogs with positive reviews for this Resort, we think we should give it a try.
  5. Great Customer Service -- every time I would call their Manila office, their staffs are nice enough to explain every single thing to me. They even go out of their way by providing instructions on how to go to their place.
All in all, it is a great choice! Customer Service is superb that they even allow us to check in hours before the actual check in time and they give us a ride back to Manila for only 150/head. Heheheh.. Though they made us wait for a couple of hours. But it’s ok! It made us enjoy the beauty of Sunset right before we leave. :-)

Laiya, San Juan, Batangas


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