My Redeemer Lives!

Since I am keeping up with my Facebook account these past few days, I find myself watching some videos. Those funny ones, gruesome ones, touching ones. I find myself amazed at some anonymous singer and some interesting songs.

It was one early, sad morning that I saw this video. I’m not feeling well. I feel dizzy. I feel nauseated. I only had 2 hours of sleep thanks to my baby brother who’s sleeping beside me and who’s awake the whole night and is trying to make lambing. I’m at the bed with him, while he’s trying to push the laptop away from me as a desperate attempt to get my attention. I played this video and found myself crying buckets and buckets of tears.

Those who knew me personally and my family would understand why this video touched my heart so much. And to those of you who saw my baby brother would know why I find myself so attached to this video.

Yes! The son looked a lot like my baby brother. He’s suffering from Cerebral Palsy, a condition that we all dread our kids to have. While watching the father and son doing the Iron Man, I can’t help but look on the face of the Son which felt like looking on my baby’s face a couple of years from now.

Did you notice how happy the son is when they finally finished the Iron Man? Did you notice those smiles? He was so happy and I can’t help but wonder what can I do to make my baby that happy? I know the video is supposed to make us feel how great a Father’s love is for his son but having a special child brother made me understand why he did that. It would be such a great feeling to be able to see your baby so happy. All these years our family would always wonder how we can make life a bit easier for our baby. And we would always find great pleasure in seeing him smile.

After watching the video, I hugged my baby and whispered to him that I love him. That it’s OK that he kept me awake the whole night last night even though I’m not feeling well. That it is my pleasure to be awake with him and hug him the whole night. That he would be OK because Ate is here, because we are all here for him. And we will patiently teach him everything he needs to know and learn. We will love him unconditionally and would never treat him as a burden. He is the most special person in my life and our love for him would be forever.

And oh! I love the song. :)


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