Review: Unsticky (by Sarra Manning)


I know I can’t seem to get enough of Sarra Manning lately. She’s been this season’s favorite and you just can’t blame me. She knows how to tell a great story. Well, most of the time, book’s plot are just the same but the way it is written is what sets it apart. And Ms. Manning sure knows how to write well.

Unsticky is a story of a girl named Grace. She’s from a broken family, living in London, working in a fashion magazine where everybody, specially her boss treats like sh*t. She’s that kind of girl who always seem to get the worst guys in the world. And then one day, when her then boyfriend decided to break up with her on her birthday, in the middle of a high end shopping mall, she just broke it. Made a scene, cried in public and even had a major issue on a Marc Jacob’s stall where a very expensive Marc Jacob’s handbag is resting. But on that faithful, she also met Vaughn.

Vaughn is a rich, old guy who offered Grace a job of being her mistress. With her sky rocketing credit issues, she decided to agree thinking she could pay off some debts and live the life she always wanted. Of glitz, glamour, fun, travels, shoes, bags and dresses. With Vaughn seemingly endless money as her back up, she started to truly live.

Based on that synopsis, you must probably know why I instantly loved it. Fashion. Fun. Love. Travel. Everything I love is here. Givenchy. Jimmy Choo. Marc Jacobs. Grace’s life is heaven for me and I can’t help but wish for my very own Vaughn who’d buy me those. Hahahaha! As if!

Another good novel from Sarra Manning. I love her books as a light read. Its fun, quirky, and just the love story that we all need.




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