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I am a huge fan of bikinis. I find them incredibly sexy. But I guess my preference has changed coz I’m kinda attracted to tankinis and 1 piece swimsuits lately. Equally sexy and very much effective in hiding my unwanted fats. Harhar!

I’ve sported my favorite tankini on my stint at Republ1c Wakepark in Nuvali where I tried wakeboarding for the first time. I had a little wardrobe malfunction while surfing in Baler so I didn’t wanna take the risk by wearing 2 piece swimsuits while doing wakeboarding. Better safe than sorry! What I didn’t realize is how nice my tankini is. Plus it doubles as a top. Pack less for me. :-) Yay! I guess I’ll be piling up on tankinis and 1 piece swimsuits from now on.

This particular tankini has nice prints. I can see myself pairing it up with other pieces on my wardrobe. Big plus! Also, this one has that “sexy back” that I so love. Pairing it with my beach shorts and havaianas gave me that “sexy summer peg”. And of course, I got my ever-reliable scarf that serves as my cover up, towel and anti-sun protection.

By the way, I’m selling some swimsuits on my online store. Check my stocks here. And please also like my FB page. I’m selling brand new swimsuits for almost half the price. Though most of them are for small to medium frame. :) I’m trying to clean out my closet and sell stuffs that I no longer use. Feel free to drop by my online store. You might like a thing or two. :) Thanks!

Have a happy weekend. It’s still raining so I guess I’ll be busy updating my blog. :) Yay!

Tankini: Coco Cabana | Shorts: A & F | Flipflops: MYOHavaianas | Scarf: Gift from G.p | Wing Necklace: Steelworks by Silverworks


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