#Shopaholic: Blue Necklace

I’m a gifted thrift shopper! Swear! My friends always get inggit because I always got cute items on such low prices. A friend even suggested I apply as her official shopper. :-) Which I do once in a while. So I decided to blog about my latest finds. And maybe share some shopping tips here and there.

For my first ever #Shopaholic entry, I decided to show you guys a necklace I recently bought in the streets of Pedro Gil, Manila.

I went to a shop in Pedro Gil to buy something when I passed by an accessory stand in the bangketa. Here goes my shopping tip #1: always check bangketa items! I swear! You would never know what you’d find. Anyway, I checked out the items being sold by Manong which turned out to be native accessories of all shapes and sizes. According to him, all of them are from Cebu and he told me that they never sell 2 items of the same design. Whoah! All of them are so gorgeous I swear! Anyway, I was about to buy a long beaded necklace when I saw this baby. I have been looking for a cute bib necklace for centuries! Alright not that long ago but whatever. I wanted to have one for ages. And the moment I saw this, I know I gotta have them. It’s just perfect. It’s simple and not too chunky. I was actually a bit afraid of buying bib necklace because they give that uberly chunky look. But this one shouts sophistication to the fullest!

I remember seeing similar one in the mall but is uberly pricey. Usually necklace of this quality cost 300-1000 depending on where you buy them. But guess how much mine is? It’s only Php100!!!! How can I not buy them huh. It initially costs 150 but I make tawad of course!

There you go! Gorgeous Blue Native Bib Necklace for Php100.




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