Of Skulls and Crowns

It’s jeans day for the rest of the year! But for the past weeks, I’m having one major problem. I can’t wear jeans because none in my closet fits me. I swear! I must have piled up 20lbs more or less. And in a snap I have nada! Nothing to wear honestly. So notice the lack of outfit posts.
But last night, a friend of mine encouraged me to run. Just did a couple of rounds in the Ayala Triangle. We did a combination of walking and jogging. And it honestly feels great! But guess what’s the best part of that? I was able to squeeze my fat bottom on one of my jeans! It’s a bit tight I tell you but at least I was able to zip it up!
IMG_1302Vintage Jeans | Peep Toe Pumps | Purple Belt
I paired it up with a lose top to hide the unwanted fats but I made sure it’s still a bit sexy. I mean, I know I’m kinda obese but I still need to look gorgeous and hot right?
IMG_1299Green Star Necklace | Dolphin Silver Necklace | Crown Ring from G.p | Mantra Bracelets | Earrings from Divisoria
IMG_1319Green Top from Belive Me (Borrowed/Stolen from G.p)
Anyway, the top may seem ok but look how great the back is!! It’s a bit see-through with the gorgeous crown and skull prints (hence the title of my blog entry). The back is also a bit longer than the front thus having that “cape-effect”. Don’t you love it? I mean we girls must always always wear some statement pieces and this top shouts HOT the moment I wear it. I also put my accessories on a minimum, just wore the basic ones to give the top all the attention it needs. I guess I succeeded because everyone just loved it. They adore the off-shoulder look but they all wow’d when they see the back. :-)
Anyway, I browsing some old photos and I really wanna go back to my old size. I swear! if this carries on, I’d be a whale in no time. I hope I’d get back to my body this 2012. Wish me luck!
More photos of my outfit below…
You guys have a Happy New Year!!!


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