Sorrento Sunwear Polarized Sunglasses Helps Protect Our Eyes


I have a very slight dilated pupils issue. It means that my eyes tends to be a little bit dilated than normal even if there’s more than enough sunlight. In short super dali ako masilaw especially pag tirik ang araw. So a pair of good sunglasses is really needed.

Usually, we people tend to disregard eye protection. Which, for me, is a no-no. Our eyes are also vulnerable to the damages caused by ultraviolet, or UV radiation.

Most of the time, we tend to choose trendy sunglasses and forgot that it’s main use is to protect and act as sunscreen to our eyes.

Sorrento Sunwear wanted to change that thinking when it comes to sunglasses by providing a collection of polarized sunglasses that doesn’t just look cool and stylish but has optimal sun protection. 

Polarized sunglasses are manufactured with a different type of lens that can safeguard your vision. They are made to be able to help us see clearly in circumstances where glare may be a problem by blocking the polarized light that is reflected off on a flat surface. Most regular sunglasses, are only colored plastic or glass and cannot block out glare.

If you are into outdoor sports and is engaged in any type of fast-moving activities such as cycling, polarized sunglasses would be able to help you enjoy greater visibility and clarity. Unless you're a pilot, then polarized lenses aren't suggested. Otherwise, polarized sunglasses are a popular choice for good reason. 

Our eyes are susceptible to damage due to UV lights, hence, a good pair of Sorrento Sunwear polarized sunglasses is a good alternative to our typical eyewear that allows us to see more clearly and eases eye strain while enjoying our hobbies.


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