Review: Adorkable (by Sarra Manning)


This is a book highly recommended by my friend Desi. :)

It’s a young adult book that tells the love story of a dork named Jeane and the high school heartthrob Michael Lee. It was a fun light read. Full of hilarious teeny things. I wish I was able to read this during my teenage years, I’m sure I’d be all giddy and girly. Hahahaha! I love this kind of books. The one that’ll take you back memory lanes.

I can so much relate to Jeane. Her being a blogger and a twitterer. Her being all bossy and small. Yay! Though I wish I have millions of readers on this blog like she does! #asapako I love how their love story evolved from teenage hormones to actual love and respect and self-realization. There’s really nothing new on the plot but I love the author’s way of writing. It’s true and real and raw. It doesn’t simply do the hullabaloos and just get straight to the point. Telling the story of hormonal teenagers without so much drama or well sometimes with soooo much drama. Showing the story of a girl who’s time as a kid was spent with less love from the family and simply wanted to have a place in this world by creating her own cyber-world.

It was really fun. I know that if I read this waaaay back in high school I’d probably get glued on the love story part but now that I know better, I am more intrigued and I so love the family part of the novel. How much parents can contribute to their child’s behavior. That a child's upbringing really shapes him/her into becoming who they are right now. May it be a dork, a loser, a brat, a prat or a pain-in-my-arse kid. Parents defines how their child would turn out. Parents must love, nurture, respect, and discipline their child. Parents must always make sure to spend time with their kinds and actually be there while they are growing up. I don’t have perfect parents but I guess they raised me pretty well. And compared to the life of Jeane Smith (our main character), I am so thankful that I grew up in this crazy family who just love me.

I am so looking forward into reading more books of Sarra Manning. I’m kinda liking her yah know!




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