Review: Dear John (2010)

dear_john_posterIf you think I only got a Cheesy Valentine then, count me in!
I didn’t expect that I’ll go out on Valentine. Most of the time, I refuse to go out on Valentine except if I’m with Jerellt and Erlie; or if ever I do, I would end up laughing on the couples and those girls with roses.
But this year, I spent Valentine in Intramuros and the movie theater.
G.p already watched Dear John with a friend. But she wanted me to watch it with her. I remember her being so giddy and talking non-stop about it. Telling me it’s so nice and that the songs are great. It’s a big fuss for me as I am a big fan of Nicholas Sparks since college and G.p knows it.
I’m waiting for this movie to be shown here in Manila ever since I read about it last year and its positive reviews, although I was not able to read the book. *wink*
Anyway, what can I say about the movie?
Two thumbs up!
Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried are great. I know Amanda is a great actress. After watching Mama Mia and Jennifer’s Body, I have been a fan. But Channing is a surprise for me. I only saw him on Step Up and he was only practically dancing there. So I am so amazed at how great he is in this movie.
The story itself has its twist and turns that would make you wonder thus I end up being so focused on the movie that I forgot I have my favorite California Maki waiting for me. That’s my proof of how much I love the movie. People who know me personally would agree that anything who could make me forget Maki is “something”.
Although they say that the movie writer changed the ending. I guess someone died on the book version, knowing Nicholas. Hehehe.. But I don’t care. I’ll read the book definitely and I will let you know if I like the movie better. If I do, that’ll be a first! :-)


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